Te Waka Tūhono 

Te Waka Tūhono is a new image appearing on hoardings around the CRL worksites.

This waka train represents the connection of traditional knowledge with today's technology, the sharing of stories that have influenced design and the journey that has resulted.

It's the image for the CRL's social outcomes strategy, under development, which aims to improve the social wellbeing of Auckland's people as well as its transport options. 

The Waka Train story

CRL's social development advisor Berenize Peita authored the project's social outcomes strategy. Prior to joining the team, she represented her iwi Ngāti Te Ata Waiohua at the CRL Mana Whenua Forum.

For the strategy, Berenize was looking for an image that represented her Māori world view and her current work environment. She enlisted the help of CRL graphic designer Geoff Fitzpatrick to give her ideas some substance.

Geoff said that he was immediately captivated by the idea and used his passion for design to take a picture that existed only in someone's imagination and translate it into something tangible.

He also worked with artist Maaka Potini of Ngāti Tamaoho to include his original design for the taurapa (stern of the waka).

The Mana Whenua forum said the taurapa acknowledged the great fleet that brought Māori to New Zealand and the manaia (stylised figure) at the top is a tribute to all of the tohunga (specialists in esoteric knowledge) that were aboard.

The tangata (person) below represents the captains. The two manaia at the bottom of the taurapa are the kaitiaki (guardians) that helped to protect the people and the waka. Maaka connects these attributes to those who schedule, drive and crew the trains.

"For me the image represents the past, present and future. Where Britomart stands now used to be water and the image depicts the change from a traditional waka to a modern equivalent - a train," said Berenize

To visit the Te Waka Tūhono website and gain more knowledge of the image click here.



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